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January 17, 2017

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3 Reasons Why Parents Should Ditch Travel Guilt

August 19, 2016

 Before having kids, whenever travel bug hit, we  pack and go. It could be done in a week, a day or even an hour (seriously!). Basically we had freedom on our side and the world waiting for us on the other side.


Since the first cry came into our hands, things changed. We changed. Planning a trip became a threesome thing. And sometimes, we go on a guilt trip because we secretly desire travelling without our supposedly bundle of joy. Why?


My answer is why not? Why can't you go on a couple trip minus the baby?


To put things in perspective, travelling with children is a whole new experience, it is tiring but it is fun and worth the effort. The joy of experiencing the world with them and capturing those memories are priceless. One of the best travel stories you can build are probably those when your kids are monkeying around with you.


But out of 365 days, there may be a couple of days when you wish you could get back some well-deserved sanity by spending time alone with your other half. And that, I found that going on a couple holiday could very well do the job.


Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of going on a couple trip due to logistic, no babysitter, breastfeeding, or any other reasons etc. But for those who do, I say, leave the guilt behind, go and enjoy yourselves! Here are 3 reasons why:


1     Your baby doesn't miss you as much as you think they are going to. By leaving your baby with his grandparents (or caregiver) for 3 days is not going to turn you into a stranger  when you return. 


2     Spending quality time with your other half can play a major role in any marriage and many studies have shown how positive relationship between a couple could result in positive parenting. 


3     A happy parent = a happy child! So if you need to freshen up, go ahead and perfume up! Having two days off 365 days of work is not asking too much?


We hope our two cents' worth will help you re-evaluate your travel plans; or if you're on a couple holiday already, enjoy yourselves guilt-free! 


Share with us your thoughts, comment below. 


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